Habitat Conservation

Habitat conservation is a land management practice and is regarded by many as one of the most important issues facing the environment today. As human populations increase, land use increases, and despite the best efforts of many environmental groups to conserve, protect and restore natural habitat areas for wild plants and animals the fact remains that more than half of Earth’s terrestrial surface has been altered as a result of human activity. Drastic deforestation, erosion and loss of topsoil, and the resulting loss of biodiversity has left many wild species with smaller spaces to call home and facing the threat of extinction.

Habitat destruction can occur both naturally and as a result of human activity and altering a natural habitat even slightly can result in a domino effect that harms the entire ecosystem. Preserving habitats is essential to preserving biodiversity and there is a growing demand for human interventions to slow down the erosion of natural habitats.

There are a number of emerging and growing business opportunities for green entrepreneurs within the habitat conservation arena with the likelihood that these business areas will grow as the environmental awareness of consumers grows. Controlling the environmental impact of invasive and non-invasive species; supporting companies big and small to develop Habitat Conservation Plans; developing hands-on experiential education and training programmes about habitat conservation; developing sustainable fishing programmes; are all growing business areas with start-up potential.