Will Gabbett and his father Michael established Gabbett Wood Chipping in 2009 to provide locally-grown wood chip to local people to reduce the community’s energy costs. LEADER funded the wood chipper, which is operated via CRESCo (Callan Renewable Energy Supply Company). LEADER also provided 50% funding for a weighbridge, which is essential for the business, and 50% funding for a forage trailer to deliver chip.

Will and Michael, who run a large farm in Co. Kilkenny, were motivated by the fundamental principles of local supply for local use and a desire to establish a sustainable, local and green energy source for the future.

Will says “With some of the fastest growing biomass in Europe, we should be looking to be net energy providers and not consumers. Wood chip needs to be delivered and sourced locally to keep haulage to a minimum.”


Gabbett Wood Chipping is very community-focused: providing an affordable, environmentally-sound, local alternative to foreign fossil fuels. The difference in price can be up to as much as 75% in favour of wood fuel over oil.

Will says “We feel that the Irish wood fuel sector has huge potential, and if we are to achieve our environmental goals as a society we need to look to green economic renewable fuel sources. The wood fuel we supply is nearly carbon neutral, roughly using 5-7 litres
of diesel per tonne of chip. With a larger, faster chipper we could reduce that further. We support the local forestry sector with our purchases. The local-focus of biomass boiler servicing, operating and supply of wood for heat means that the money stays in the locality.”

Will and Michael’s vision is to maintain a profitable and sustainable business that can continue to supply the market with a top quality Irish product.