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Gerry Delaney has always liked a challenge. He’s always liked doing things that are awkward...that other people failed at. Like his father, he enjoys making things. Gerry’s past achievements include building a machine for harvesting turf. In 2006, after many years of working with pre-cast concrete, he designed the Eire Ecowise Sewage Treatment System. LEADER provided Gerry with the finance to import the machine he needed from Germany.

The Eire Ecowise Sewage Treatment System gives customers an outstanding, reliable and affordable waste water treatment system, certified according to European Standards. It comprises three tanks with two compartments in each tank, all made from reinforced concrete. It uses an anaerobic digestion process over an extended period of time before the effluent reaches two treatment zones. This ensures that all effluent is treated to an exceptionally high standard thereby eliminating odours and producing water of outstanding clarity.

This system is simple and extremely reliable. It carries low running costs and maintenance costs. It involves a longer desludging period due to the huge capacity in the primary tank.



Gerry believes so strongly in this concept that he invested some of his own money into the new waste water system. Having worked with pre-cast concrete for many years, he is a strong advocate of creating quality systems out of reinforced concrete.

The Eire Ecowise Sewage Treatment System has benefits for both the economy and the environment. It’s economical to run and prevents pollution at a very small cost.

Gerry is very proud of the system that he has created. He now intends to make a machine that will make tanks for the system much faster than is currently possible, and plans to export them. He also aims to provide employment for local people as his business expands.