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Simon Patterson has always been environmentally-conscious, so when he was looking for a new business challenge in 2013, it was natural that he would choose a green idea. He noticed that both himself and his father-in-law had
a lot of newspaper and he wondered if he could do anything with it. At the time, he lived next to a sawmill which generated very large amounts of sawdust that they needed to get rid of, so he decided to try to combine the two waste materials into something usable.

Simon was selected for Phase 1 of the LEADER-funded Accelerate Green Business Project in Roscommon. While on this business development accelerator, Simon developed a plan to create a fuel product from the waste of the sawmill and newspapers. Eco Future Fuel was created.


Simon has found that being his own boss has advantages. He finds, however, that consumers are more concerned with the cost of a product than its environmental benefits. So he is committed to educating people to think green and use more environmentally-friendly products.

His advice for anyone setting up a green business is to do their homework. He says it is hard work and the challenge is to educate people about the value to our planet of making consumer choices which are of benefit to the environment.

Simon’s goal for the future is to grow his business faster and to reach a point where he’s in a position to employ people. In the meantime, his eco-business will continue to contribute to the community, the economy and the environment by making a fuel from waste material that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

Finished Product Eco Fuel
Finished Product Wrapped
New Eco Future Fuel Label for Packs
Sawdust and Paper Pulp
Sawdust Before Adding To Paper Pulp
Shredded Newspaper Before Shredding
Shredded Paper Halfway Through Shredding