Boyne Valley Activities is an activity centre in Co. Meath, which provides Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Archery, Paintball, High Ropes and Bike Hire. Offering activities in Trim, Drewstown and Slane, Boyne Valley Activities is committed to developing and promoting the Boyne Valley as a premier destination for activities and eco-tourism. Ideal for thrill-seekers, risk-takers, fun-lovers, activity-fans and adventurous groups!

James Murray and Dara Llewellyn established Boyne Valley Activities in 2011 out of their love of kayaking. LEADER supported them in the purchase of kayaks, equipment and an indoor paintball kit, the rebranding of the company, the upgrading of their website and marketing assistance.

James and Dara believe that whole ethos of Eco Tourism is community. They support the local economy by bringing visitors to their area, which benefits local taxis, hotels and restaurants. They conserve energy and adhere to the Leave No Trace principles while on the river: they say every aspect of their business has sustainability and low impact at its core.

The Boyne Valley reveals to their visitors unique bird life, flora and fauna; insights into where pilgrims settled; along with breathtaking scenery, castles and abbeys. James and Dara have found great value in being part of an Eco Tourism Network and recommend this to other eco-businesses. They say: “We speak to new people every day, we do what we love and we love doing it - we are living the dream!! If we can grow it into a sustainable business, that’s all we want.”




James and Dara say “Everyone who participates in our activities adores them. They love the freedom and the connection to nature. It’s our pleasure to provide activities that give people enjoyment. We have grown from having 6 kayaks to operating a full activity centre with 6 enthralling experiences.”


Boyne Valley Activities is an accredited Eco Tourism Activity provider. “Our activities have a minimal impact on the environment, we promote responsible travel and we pride ourselves on delivering fun-filled nature-based experiences to our visitors.”


Boyne Valley Activities was awarded the 2013 Best Tourism Small Business Award and the 2014 Eco Tourism Ireland Silver Award. James and Dara are now spearheading The Boyne Canoe Trail steering group which is to deliver 25km of the first canoe trail in the Republic of Ireland. 

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