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Since 2012, Archer Environmental has been providing a multidisciplinary approach to the development of technological solutions for wastewater treatment systems for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications.

These solutions include the use of native plant species in constructed wetlands, reed beds and zero discharge willow beds. Each solution offered is site-specific and designed to suit regional conditions, focusing on the use of native plant species such as reeds, irises and willows, which are all non-damaging to human health and the environment.

Michael and Lorraine Archer, together with their qualified colleagues, were selected for Phase 1 of the LEADER-funded Accelerate Green Business Project. They identified a number of gaps in ‘green business’ environmental and wastewater management. Then they developed solutions which harness the cleansing ability of the environment and look towards the natural wetlands and how they deal with pollution in its many forms.

Archer Environmental wishes to adapt researched solutions to the specific and sometimes difficult conditions in the northwest of Ireland by combining proven engineering principles and scientific biology. “We see this time as a challenge for Irish business in terms of economy and social and environmental responsibility. We must develop sustainable solutions in order to prosper and maintain a healthy environment. Customers want to feel that they are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment, but these solutions must be applied in a way that they believe are economical and sustainable.”


Archer Environmental is now offering a ‘One Stop Shop’ which includes site assessments, design and if necessary planning applications to upgrade an existing septic tank or the installation of a new wastewater treatment system in compliance with current EU standards.

Archer Environmental is community-oriented: their personnel have participated in the Boyle Arts Festival and have given talks to interested groups about the flora of Boyle and surrounds, community gardening and water conservation.

The aim of Archer Environmental is not only to help treat wastewaters but to help promote biodiversity while doing this. Constructed wetland systems, when designed and located correctly, can mitigate floods and allow for profitable agriculture in areas of sensitive biodiversity. These systems not only help to treat waste but will help to conserve and promote some of Ireland’s wildlife.

The ongoing objective of Archer Environmental is to create and maintain a profitable business with sustainable employment whilst reducing the potential for pollution of Ireland’s water resources.