Eco Labelling Expert

17.12.2014 at 14:49

Philip Land

Around the world ecolabelling is used by manufacturers and service providers to certify the environmental performance of their product or service. Ecolabelling is a voluntary method of certification and individual ecolabels should identify the proven environmental performance within a specifric ...

Community Lending Library

3.12.2014 at 13:01

Philip Land

Are you one of those people who have every tool that was ever invented? Do you have a range of specialist household items? Do you have a wardrobe of designer clothes perfect for that special occasion? If you can answer yes to any or all of the above you could be earning money on the side by renting ...

Green Consultancy for Sports

19.11.2014 at 10:13

Philip Land

Sports matter at local, national and international level. They have an unparalleled impact on the everyday lives of people all over the world. Sport is one of the most important social engagement activities bringing people from all different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and skill levels together. ...

Green Composting

5.11.2014 at 16:19

Philip Land

Composting is a natural process that utilises bacteria, fungi and worms to convert organic waste into compost under suitable conditions. Organic waste comes from materials that are derived from plants and animals, for example, vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, torn newspaper, cardboard and ...

Green Technology

22.10.2014 at 11:26

Philip Land

Almost everyone now has a smartphone of some make or other and they use these devices for a wide variety of purposes. There are special apps available that track activities, places visited, personal preferences alongside more basic offerings that simply list services in your location etc. BUSINESS ...

Organic Pet Care Products

8.10.2014 at 11:46

Philip Land

We spend extra money to buy all-natural household cleansers, body care products, and organic food. Why would we treat our pets differently? Pets are actually more sensitive to environmental toxins than humans, and they can suffer from allergies. Educate potential consumers to the value of buying ...

Green Landscaping

24.9.2014 at 11:01

Philip Land

Did you know that running your lawnmower for 1 hour creates the same emissions as driving your car 20 miles. Did you know that a strategically placed tree can help save energy in your home? Or that channeling summer breezes to your home can reduce the amount of energy you use? Green landscaping can ...

Biofuel Producer

10.9.2014 at 18:45

Philip Land

Global biofuel production has risen by over 700% since 2000. A wide range of feedstocks are available globally for biofuel production including energy crops like Miscanthus, Jatropha, Short Rotation Copice. Biofuels can also be produced from wastes such as waste oils, food processing wastes, etc.; ...

Community Bike Share Programme

27.8.2014 at 08:55

Philip Land

Bike share programmes are increasingly popular in urban centres. The success of the City Bike programme in Dublin has revolutionised cycling and public transport in Dublin since its launch. To date, there have been almost 8 million bike journeys on the streets of Dublin and members have taken over ...

Green Franchise

13.8.2014 at 17:33

Philip Land

When the word franchise is mentioned in the business sense, what readily comes to mind is a restaurant or a fast food chain but the truth is that franchise applies to just about any business in the world. There are many eco-friendly businesses out there that offer licenses to start your own branch ...

Green Event Management

30.7.2014 at 13:53

Philip Land

Ireland is well known for its prowess at hosting festivals and events many of which are organised by volunteer committees. Whether its your local annual village fete, agricultural show, harvest festival or Haloween shindig festivals and events can generate large amounts of waste and consume high ...

Renewable Energy Installations

16.7.2014 at 10:47

Philip Land

There are a number of national initiatives aimed at improving the energy performance of the national housing stock. With every house needing a Building Energy Rating before it can be sold on the market many house owners are availing of grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to ...

Green Florist

2.7.2014 at 15:42

Philip Land

Exotic flowers from all over the globe dominate the buckets in local flower shops. Tulips from Amsterdam, Birds of Paradise from Gran Canaria are typical examples of produce available. The impact on the environment that the transportation of flowers to places where many beautiful native species are ...

Green Plumbing

18.6.2014 at 17:41

Philip Land

With the introduction of water charges inevitable there is likely to be increasing interest in the water saving measures that are possible with green plumbing solutions. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY- establish a plumbing company that specializes in eco-friendly plumbing.  From gray water to solar ...

Green Roofing

4.6.2014 at 12:24

Philip Land

Increasing energy efficiency not only cuts costs but can also help the environment. One method of simultaneously improving the insulation performance of a house and promoting habitat and wildlife conservation is through the installation of 'living roofs'. This is not to suggest that every new house ...

Environmentally Friendly Candles

21.5.2014 at 10:40

Philip Land

Did you know that traditional candles often release harsh or even toxic chemicals into the air? Soy and beeswax candles are natural, especially when they’re scented with essential oils. They also burn slower and purer than paraffin wax, and they don’t leave any smoke residue on your ...

Organic Catering

7.5.2014 at 18:23

Philip Land

Ireland produces a fantastic selection of organic foods including meats, seafoods and locally grown fruits and vegetaqbles. We also have an extensive network of artisan food producers who offer bespoke food products to tempt even the most discerning palette. Throughout the different seasons the ...


23.4.2014 at 11:38

Philip Land

Ecotourism is a sector which is steadily gaining significant credibility within the tourism industry in Ireland. The core ethos and principles of the ecotourism sector are also beginning to permeate mainstream tourism businesses in response to increasing demand by tourists and the cost savings that ...

Organic Farming Training

9.4.2014 at 15:54

Philip Land

There is little argument that products in the supermarket with the 'organic' tag are somewhat of a novelty. You can't help but notice how many people compare the organic carrots to non-organic carrots to see if they are the same. Organic is a buzz word but what exactly does it mean and are there ...

Green Journalism

26.3.2014 at 09:34

Philip Land

Environmental or green journalism involves presenting information on natural and environmental issues that is factually based and encourages its audience to adopt more environmentally sensitive attitudes and prectices. This type of journalism can also have a strong focus on advocacy where articles ...

Green Cleaners

12.3.2014 at 14:04

Philip Land

As awareness about the health and environmental impacts of toxic substances grows, so does the demand for fewer toxins in the home and workplace. Some toxic ingredients in cleansers not only can harm those in the buildings where they are used, but can cause environmental pollution which may even ...

Upcycling Business

26.2.2014 at 14:24

Philip Land

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra of environmental protection agencies throughout the developed world as the struggle continues to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. While recycling is a great alternative to throwing things awaay reusing materials is even better. Making new ...

Green Business Incubator

12.2.2014 at 13:22

Philip Land

Clustering of businesses is not a new phenomenon. from the early days of the inductrial revolution right up to the present time industrial sectors have acted like magnets drawing the required skill-sets to locations throughout the globe. Detroit, USA for motor vehicle production; Belfast for ship ...

Natural Body Care

29.1.2014 at 18:06

Philip Land

Soaps and cosmetics are just a few of the everyday products that can be made using common organic materials. The demand for safe, effective, non-toxic products that do not harm the environment is steadily growing. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - create a range of natural beauty products that are made from ...

Community Agriculture

15.1.2014 at 10:50

Philip Land

Consumers today are increasingly concerned about food safety; nutritional values; the impact on the environment associated with the use of chemicals and pesticides; and greenhouse gas emissions as a result of transporting food long distances. These concerns create opportunities for farmers to offer ...


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